Upgrade from gurneys and wheelchairs.

Improve provider & patient experience.

Upgrade from gurneys and wheelchairs.

Improve provider and patient experience.

One Process | One Device

One Process | One Device

No-lift Lateral Transfer

Four-point Harness

No-lift Vehicle Loading

Crash-tested Chair and Securement

Watch a No-lift NEMT Transport in 60 Seconds

Over 95%

of transports can be performed
without a gurney.

In 2017, one study of over 39,000 users of NEMT reported that only 3.9 percent of transports required a stretcher.

What is No-lift NEMT?

No-lift NEMT is a medical transport process designed to provide a safer, more dignified experience for the patient and caregiver. We call it No-lift NEMT because it eliminates two of the most dangerous steps in the transport process: lifting a patient from a bed to a wheelchair and lifting a wheelchair or gurney into a vehicle. Utilizing a fully-reclining, crash-tested wheelchair, a medical transfer board, vehicle securements, and a specific training protocol, No-lift NEMT can reduce risk, improve safety, and remove stretchers from the equation of routine medical transport. When understood and implemented properly, No-lift NEMT creates a new standard for medical transport. Our goal is to provide the tools and training to improve the transport experience for patients and transporters.

Discover No-lift NEMT

Explore the various facets of No-lift NEMT including the tools it requires, the benefits it offers, and more–all right here.

Explore the tools needed to perform No-lift NEMT.

Compare the capabilities of No-lift NEMT vs traditional transport methods in one simple chart.

Compare the risks in ambulatory, wheelchair, and gurney transports–and how No-lift NEMT fits in.

Explore vehicles, capacity, and configurations possible with No-lift NEMT.

Learn how No-lift NEMT provides online and in-person training to ensure proper implementation.

Find a provider a No-lift-NEMT-certified provider in your area.


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