A Few Ways Popular Transport Vehicles Can Be Configured

What Types of Vehicles Work with No-lift NEMT®?

Several types of vehicles are compatible with No-lift NEMT®. We focus on two classes of vehicles most common in non-emergency transport: vans and minivans. Examples of medical transport vans include Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster vans. Typical minivans in the NEMT space include Toyota Sienna, Dodge Grand Caravan, and Chrysler Pacifica. Consult with a vehicle conversion dealer for more information.

What Vehicle Equipment Do I Need to Perform No-lift NEMT®?

No-lift NEMT requires an accessible van or minivan with a lift or ramp. Rear-entry vans are preferred greatly over side-entry vans as maneuvering a Broda® chair in a side-entry vehicle to face forward is cumbersome. The van also needs to have floor mounts for wheelchair securement systems.

How Does No-lift NEMT® Increase Capacity?

The more types of passengers you can transport at once, the more efficient and profitable you are–especially for wheelchair- and gurney-scheduled trips. No-lift NEMT® allows companies to maximize their space for each trip. Imagine transporting 2-3 gurney patients at once–with No-lift NEMT®, it is possible.

Why is the Versatility of No-lift NEMT® So Important?

What if Every Vehicle Could Respond to Every Call?

No-lift NEMT® let’s you be ready for anything. No more lost revenue by rerouting units, going back to HQ to pick up/drop off equipment or employees. No-lift NEMT® allows vehicle configurations which enable a single vehicle to be ready for ambulatory, wheelchair, or gurney trips, without unloading equipment. With just minivans, providers can now accommodate gurney or wheelchair trips and quickly stow the Broda® chair inside the vehicle when passengers wish to ride in their own wheelchair. With No-lift NEMT®, larger vans have more options and room for multiple-load trips, with the capability to transport ambulatory, wheelchair, and gurney passengers at the same time (yes, all three). With the right equipment and No-lift NEMT®, you can expand your capabilities and simplify your operations.

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