About No-lift NEMT

Our Vision

We believe in a world where routine medical transportation is safe, comfortable, and dignified—for patients and caregivers alike.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create safe, comfortable, and repeatable processes which can be easily taught and implemented.

Our Strategy

Seek Innovative Tools

We understand that ideas produce solutions. Sometimes incredible tools exist which just need to be implemented in the right way to make big changes. We seek any tools which might add to the safety, comfort, simplicity, efficiency, consistency, and affordability of medical transportation.


We believe to make a change, you need to offer a simple, learnable process. We seek to create and refine processes which allow transporters to move patients without undue risk to themselves or the patient. These processes must be easily learned and implemented.


We believe that any process which hopes to make real change in medical transportation must be easily duplicated and work in every situation. From the needs of bariatric patients, to severe clinical concerns, we recognize that every transportation situation will present unique challenges. No-lift NEMT should be applicable in as many medical and logistical circumstances as possible. Further, we will provide training, both in-person, and virtually to ensure consistent implementation of No-lift NEMT.

Our Objectives

Improve Safety

Our primary objective is to remove the clear dangers in medical transport to create a consistently safe experience for patients and transporters. This includes eliminating the lifting of patients and gurneys, removing standard wheelchairs from vehicles, and reducing the risk of falling from a chair while riding in a vehicle.

Preserve Dignity

Too many patients capable of riding upright in a vehicle are strapped to a gurney for routine appointments, such as dialysis. Likewise, patients are loaded into giant sling lifts just to get them from their bed to a wheelchair.

Create Comfort

Comfort goes hand-in-hand with dignity. Patients experience a broad range of pain from age, injury, and illness which can consume one’s thoughts and distract a patient from everything else around them. Transport can be the most painful part of a patient’s routine and our goal is to reduce pain in every way we can: transferring to and from bed, riding in a wheelchair, and traveling in a vehicle.

Increase Efficiency

By offering streamlined tools and processes, we seek to enable transport providers to create uniform fleets to create efficiency. With a single transport device and simplified vehicle configurations, transport providers can respond more quickly to every type of call.

Reduce Wasteful Medical Spending

Safer transports means fewer accidents and lower insurance costs. Further, with tools like a WC19 hybrid chair, devices can be consolidated so fleets need not have ambulatory vehicles, wheelchair vehicles, and gurney vehicles, saving time and money. As transport providers reduce costs and improve efficiency, costs lower for everyone.

Who We Are

Travis Draney

Travis Draney is the founder of No-Lift NEMT®’, an innovative process and concept for the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Industry.

In 2003 Travis started his 8-year career in the durable medical equipment industry in Las Vegas NV. In 2008 he opened a DME company in Peoria, Arizona, as Operations Manager for a start-up company.  During this time, he received his EMT and EMT Advance Certifications.

In 2010 Travis accepted a position as an Operations Manager for a startup NEMT company. Travis has held positions as Operations Manager, General Manager, as well as Director of Marketing for NEMT companies, providing service to not only Nevada but Arizona, California and Utah.  Travis’ responsibilities include marketing, business development, risk management, training, process improvement, as well as being directly involved and overseeing the day to day operations. In Travis’ 8-year career with the NEMT industry, he has overseen more than 200,000 wheelchair and gurney transports.  Because of Travis’s work and in-depth knowledge of the NEMT Industry Travis was nominated and voted in as a board member of the Non-Emergency Medical Transport Accreditation Commission (NEMTAC.ORG) in January 2019.

With over 16 years in the medical industry, Travis understands the challenges transport providers face, especially relating to training, equipment and overall safety for passengers and providers.  Travis has developed a great knowledge of process improvement, business development and risk management. Travis is passionate about improving the NEMT industry. With his passion and expertise, Travis has identified new products and procedures which eliminate unnecessary costs, risks, and inconveniences involved in non-emergency medical transport.

Travis currently owns and operates Nonpareil Care, a DME company providing the NEMT industry with ‘No-Lift NEMT’ – the implementation of a ROLLBOARD and a  Broda’s Synthesis Transport (WC19) Wheelchair, (a crash tested reclining wheelchair), that can accommodate safer transfers, for all wheelchair transports and 95% of gurney scheduled transports.

Travis lives in Las Vegas, NV with his wife, Megan who is a Registered Nurse in the Lions Burn Care Unit. Travis and Megan have 3 children under the age of 9. Their children are full of energy and keep them on their toes.

David Marquardt

David Marquardt is the other founding partner of No-lift NEMT. David graduated from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts (formerly School of Cinema-Television) in 2001 and has made his livelihood through producing media ever since. Starting first in Utah, David began his media enterprise by himself, picking up video work from weddings to vitamin-pills. Gradually, David’s clients began requesting different media, from still photos, to websites, to print work. With a combination of networking with other creatives and often times just learning new things, David’s company Cinemedia became more of a marketing company than a video production house. Cinemedia fairly early on acquired some clients in Las Vegas and by 2007 the demand grew to the point that in 2007, it made sense to permanently relocated to Southern Nevada. From 2007 to present David has continued to operate Cinemedia in Henderson, Nevada and his clients include Dunkin Brands, Cox Automotive, Westgate Resorts, Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE, Czarnowski, US Bureau of Reclamation, and a host of smaller folks who wouldn’t want to be mentioned in a bio.

David is married with two kids, basically the same age as Travis’ (which is convenient for company meetings).

A Joint Synergy and Strategy

Travis and David share the same goal: when a problem is identified, come up with a solution. Whether the problem be how to safely move a patient from their bed to dialysis, or how to teach someone how to move a patient from their bed to dialysis, the goal is the same. Travis brings energy, problem solving, industry expertise, ideas, and vision. David brings messaging, goal setting and goal accountability, creative skills, technilogical know-how.

Travis’ intrepid ideas to change the way patients are transported needed a broad media skill set to roll out in an efficient way. In 2018, after the development of the first website for No-lift NEMT, it became clear that a host of technology, video, photography, and marketing skills would be needed to turn Travis’ ideas into something others could understand, accept and adopt. In 2018, with a just a couple lines of writing and a verbal agreement, Travis and David formed a partnership that is No-lift NEMT.

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