An Authorized Broda® Dealer

Nonpareil Care is an Authorized Broda® Dealer

With over 15 years of experience managing transport companies,  Nonpareil Care founder Travis Draney has come to know and understand the process of non-emergency medical transport firsthand. Having developed a keen awareness of the challenges that NEMT staff confront every day, Travis has sought out products and processes to provide safer and more efficient non-emergency medical transports. Because emergency responders are required to follow strict procedures for the safety of patients in life-threatening and unpredictable circumstances, Travis recognized that NEMT companies are often burdened by following the same strict regimens in circumstances as simple as moving a patient to a dialysis center. Knowing that the needs of NEMT passengers are very different from the needs of emergency passengers, he has sought to decouple the expensive, inefficient, risk-laden, and uncomfortable elements of emergency transport from NEMT.

With his passion and expertise, Travis has identified new products and procedures which eliminate unnecessary costs, risks, and inconveniences involved in non-emergency medical transport. Chief among these tools is the Broda® Synthesis WC19 Transport Chair.

Broda® recognized Travis’ unique No-lift NEMT transport process as a vital methodology for utilizing their products and has designated Nonpareil Care as Broda®‘s exclusive dealer to NEMT providers.

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