The Tools

The Chair

The Broda Synthesis WC19 Transport Chair

  • Reclines fully
  • Tilt-in-space adjustable
  • Crash tested (WC19 compliant)
  • Ultra-comfortable
No-lift NEMT Custom Upgrades

  • Flared armrests to allow a 20″-wide seat on a 27.75″ wheelbase.
  • Flared rear handle to allow stowing a 16″ transfer board.
  • Four-point harness
  • Oxygen holder

Start Offering Gurney-scheduled Transports without the Gurney

Make the leap from ambulatory to gurney-scheduled transports without the cost, risks, and manpower required to purchase and operate a gurney. The Broda® Synthesis WC19 Transport Chair can replace a gurney in 95% of transports. With superior safety, comfort, and accessibility, why use a gurney?

Eliminate the Need to Lift a Gurney

Manual gurneys need to be lifted twice: after the patient is transferred and when loading the gurney into a vehicle. These are the most risk-prone activities for transporters in the transport process. With the Broda® Synthesis WC19 Transport Chair, there’s no more heavy lifting.

The Board

Antimicrobial Medical Transfer Board

  • Reduces patient transfer weight by up to 50%
  • Bridges gaps between bed and chair up to 7.5″
  • Foldable and storable on the Broda chair
  • Antibacterial, flame resistant, non-toxic, hypoallergenic

Eliminate Lifting During the Transfer

With the fully reclining Broda chair and a medical transfer board, passengers can glide effortlessly from the bed to the chair (and vice-versa) without dangerous and uncomfortable lifting for both the patient and provider.

The Securements

Securely Mount the Broda Chair in the Vehicle


  • 4-point securement straps
  • One-click docking system

Reduce Injury Risk on the Road

Seat belts and baby car seats are required by law–why transport our often delicate medical passengers with any less attention to safety? No-lift NEMT removes another needless risk from non-emergency medical transport by ensuring that patients are transported in a secure chair, in a secure way. Vehicle securement systems make sure that the Broda® Synthesis WC19 Chair and its passenger are secured in a manner compliant with RESNAs WC19 wheelchair safety standards.

The Training

No-lift NEMT Online Training

We don’t leave you guessing.

These incredible tools involve a very specific process–and we’re behind you all the way. No-lift NEMT Online Training provides videos and quizzes to ensure transporters understand each part of the process. This allows you to streamline safety and training in your operations–with no additional cost to you. Our training includes:

  • Broda® Basics
  • Performing a Lateral Transfer
  • Loading the Chair into a Vehicle
  • Securing the Chair in a Vehicle

Training and Certification at your Fingertips

Our training program goes through everything you’ll need to know to perform a No-lift NEMT transport and after logging some practice and real-life transports in our training portal, we’ll certify you as a No-lift NEMT provider. Once certified, you can view and print your certificate any time from your account. We’ll also gladly list your company on our site as a certified No-lift NEMT provider.

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