Implementing No-lift NEMT

What You Need

Implementing No-lift NEMT starts with getting everything you need. The main components are:

  • A Broda® Synthesis Transport (WC19) Wheelchair
  • A Samarit Rollbord® patient transfer board
  • A WC19 compliant wheelchair securement system
  • A wheelchair accessible vehicle suitable for No-lift NEMT
  • Four point safety harness
  • Oxygen holder

Nonpareil Care is an Authorized dealer for Broda®, Samarit, QSTRAINT and AMF-Bruns.

Talk to an Expert

We are here to help you optimize your transport service. Optimizing your NEMT transport service with No-lift NEMT can mean making some big changes. We are familiar with the obstacles you face as an NEMT provider and our goal is help eliminate some of those obstacles. Let us walk you through the basics of No-lift NEMT and help you implement the process into your organization. Here are some of the questions we can answer:

  • Will our current vehicles work with No-lift NEMT?
  • How will this benefit our customers we are currently serving?
  • How will this affect our day-to-day operations?
  • Will this reduce our workers comp, auto and general liability claims?
  • Will No-Lift NEMT help us grow our business?

Schedule a consultation here. We will answer your questions and walk you through the ins and outs of implementing No-lift NEMT into your organization.

The Vision of No-lift NEMT

Our vision is for real people, our friends and family members, to experience a new level of comfort, mobility, and dignity when when being transported for routine medical purposes. Right now the vast majority of NEMT transports involve unnecessary equipment and procedures for non-emergency situations. The practice of vertically lifting patients from hospital beds onto gurneys or into wheelchairs alone introduces risk of drops, falls, and back injury to staff which is in most circumstances completely unnecessary with No-lift NEMT. Add the risk involved in traveling at high speeds in a vehicle (in nothing but a unsecured standard wheelchair) it becomes obvious that there must be a better way. Right now patients involved in even minor accidents can slip out of gurneys and wheelchairs and sustain significant injury or death–which could otherwise be avoided.

With specialized tools and techniques, our No-lift NEMT process changes the way caregivers can think about the transport of patients. With the Broda® Synthesis WC19 Transport Chair, specialized transfer boards, and other tools, facilities and transport companies can move patients more quickly and comfortably and with less staff. The chair’s ability to fully recline allows patients to be transferred laterally, without lifting, for a safer and more comfortable experience. 4-point restraints and tilt-in-space reclining keeps patients well-positioned and eliminates the risk of falling or slipping out of the wheelchair at any point of the transfer process. Securely mounted in a vehicle with a crash-tested restraint system, the WC19-certified and crash-tested Broda® Synthesis Transport wheelchair provides a new level of safety for passengers while in vehicle transport.

The vision of No-lift NEMT is also about efficiency. A transfer from a bed to a vehicle can take place in less than 7 minutes, respecting the time of both patients and caregivers. The No-lift NEMT process also allows ambulances to be replaced by mini-vans, permits a 350-pound patient to be easily moved from a bed to a chair and makes patients feel a long overdue level of respect in the methods used to transport them.

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