Optimal Transport

The journey I’ve had thus far in the NEMT space has been rewarding in many ways. I’m truly grateful to provide NEMT services to the residents of Western PA. Much of the organization’s success is directly related to use of the Broda Synthesis WC19-compliant chair/No-lift NEMT transfer solution.
To own a transport device that has allowed easy transfer and transport of a non-weight bearing passenger with only one person, turn on a dime, allow the passenger to be transported in comfort, and maneuver in tight places with precision is amazing.
No-lift NEMT transfer solution complements the Broda Synthesis as it delivers the ability to transfer the patient onto and out of the chair with ease. Properly utilizing the transfer board reduces the total weight by approximately half. It’s truly amazing how effortless the transfer can be done by only two people. No physical strain of any sort is felt when performing the transfer.
My company utilizes basic manual ramp systems and transports are done in a Dodge Grand Caravan. The Broda Synthesis rolls up smoothly and is easy to lock in. Passengers always comment on how comfortable and safe they feel when being transported. This is accomplished because the transporter is able to position the chair to the liking of the passengers’ unique needs. Comfort is a very important piece of the overall transport experience for both the person being transported and the transporter. Positive feedback from passengers, passenger’s family members, facility staff and administrators is regularly received. Optimal Transport also receives ongoing regular requests from passengers because of the overall transport experience.
As far as safety is concerned, never once have we ever had an issue with tipping, maneuvering, adjusting or controlling the chair. The transfers are a breeze as well as the process of disassembling and reassembling the arm rests and shoulder bolsters. We always make sure that the four-point harness is adjusted securely and attached to the included seatbelt on the Broda Synthesis and then into the vehicle’s existing restraint system.
Bottom line, if your company is looking for overall efficiency improvements and improved customer satisfaction the Broda Synthesis WC-19 compliant and No-lift NEMT transfer solution is something that you should consider implementing.

Bob Ficca
Optimal Transport, Pres- Driver

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