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1 Save on Insurance

No-lift NEMT eliminates risk of injury and reduces both workers comp and general and professional liability claims, to both passengers and providers. Many insurers offer discounts to NEMT providers who adopt No-lift NEMT which means in many cases, savings can be immediate. We are working to provide a list of insurance carriers which offer discounts for implementing No-lift NEMT. Until then, call us (702-626-0375) to find out which carriers offer such discounts or ask your current carrier to contact us an learn more!

2 Save on Vehicle Expenses

No-lift NEMT also allows for less expensive fleets. With the Broda® Synthesis Transport (WC19),  transports can be accomplished with a rear-entry vehicle, like a converted minivan, reaping big savings on both vehicle and fuel costs. In fact, the savings in the vehicle purchase price alone can cover the cost of all the tools involved in the No-lift NEMT process, including the cost of the Broda® Synthesis Transport (WC19).

We are currently partnering with many vehicle suppliers to create No-lift NEMT bundles which include all needed tools including ramps and the needed wheelchair securement systems. Contact us (702-626-0375) to find out more about No-lift NEMT vehicle packages.

3 Save on Payroll

No-lift NEMT reduces the staff required for each transfer allowing transport companies to perform more transfers with less staff. No-lift NEMT is process which requires two to transfer from bed t0 chair (or vice versa) and one to transport. In most cases, facility staff can assist in transfers, enabling dispatching of vehicles with only one person.

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